Land of the one legged pigeon

May 5 – I’m home. What a journey it has been the past few weeks. Full of emotions. Today as i was going to buy my Romanian Bible i saw this pigeon with just one leg, then as i looked on the right i saw a mop hanging on a tree. Things you can only see in Romania, i tell you that, that’s why i chose to name this post: “Land of the one-legged pigeon”. 🙂  But, Romania has its good parts too.

I’m going to start out with updating you with everything that has happened the past few days, so I’m just gonna start with the beginning. Thursday morning, the 29th we hustled to the airport and after I checked in my bags I had to say good-bye to Ben. I could not control my tears, I was just so emotional. I knew that I’m gonna miss Ben so much.  People were staring at me crying :)). I wiped my tears and continued on. When I was in the plane I called Ben and he was outside waving. It was so romantic. Every time I remembered I was leaving I would start crying. Even now I am emotional when I think about it. Then the plane took off. I was thinking about the fact that this might be the last time I see Iowa. I remembered all the good memories I had there, and the people who changed my life. Cried again. No one sat next to me, so that was a blessing, because I didn’t have to worry about holding it in. An hour later we  arrived to Chicago, and I was so blessed because my entire trip from then on was easy. I didn’t have to hurry or run to any gates, but I could walk normally and stop to buy a snack before boarding. I got to the gate and waited there for about 10 minutes, then on to the plane I went. Wow, I thought. I am leaving the US, my home for about 5 years, and who knows when I’ll be able to get back. So I said good-bye in my heart to everyone and every memory I had there. The ride went very smoothly and I even got to sleep for an hour or so. This is a miracle since I am never ever able to sleep on the plane or bus or car for that matter. An older gentlemen sat next to me and we talked for a little bit. He was going to Liberia to help out with a school and adoption of a little boy. It was cool to just cross paths with a person I might never see again.

At some point during my flight to Europe I realized that in Cedar Rapids I haven’t paid for the second bag. I was supposed to pay 50$ for the second one, but they forgot so I got it in for free. Yaaay I thought 🙂 I felt like the Lord was smiling down at me saying: “This was my present for you”. He is so kind!! I enjoyed my flight so much, I took out my Bible and my journal and started reading. I was trying to study the biblical “rest”, and what that means to a new covenant Christian. Especially because the Lord has been speaking to me about a period of rest in my life. I also listened to a teaching from John Sheasby called “Grumpy is Dead”. That teaching was phenomenal!!! I encourage you to look it up and listen to it, because it will change your life. It gave me a whole new outlook on what it means to be a new covenant Christian and what the work of the cross did in grace, and how am i supposed to live. It was almost like it took off a huge rock off of my shoulders. It was the perfect word for me as i was getting ready for a new season in my life.

June 17 – A good month has passed since I started this post. Ever since then a lot of things have happened, but I want to continue first from where I left off.

After I arrived to my next connection in Frankfurt going to Budapest, Hungary I met an older man from Hungary. He helped carry one of my bags that’s how we started conversing. My hungarian was really broken at the time, and I felt so ashamed when he told me that his nieces and nephews in San Francisco haven’t forgotten hungarian since they moved there 5 years ago. Plus this man also worked at a Hungarian Embassy in some middle eastern country (I forgot which). But I brushed it aside, I didn’t let that get to me too much. I knew that I’ll be back at it as soon as I get home 🙂

Then I arrived to Budapest and saw my mom!!! I was so happy to see her!!! After 4 years of not seeing her 🙂 But the sad thing was that we had to hurry to get the car before they had to pay for an extra hour in the parking lot, so I didn’t get to hug her properly and enjoy her for a few seconds. I felt like I was robbed 😦

The first thing I noticed that bugged me was the crazy driving. Just plain crazy! I think you can become a billionaire if you have a business for car brakes. I’m serious. People go fast and slam on their brakes like it’s a Nintendo game. But, I soon had to suck it up and tell myself that that’s how it’s gonna be and try not to throw up :)) We stopped at a traditional Hungarian restaurant and I ate like a hungry wolf. I devoured everything. I had a hearty chicken noodle soup that was absolutely delicious, and a big plate of meats and cheeses. Oh man, here goes my diet, I thought. 🙂

We took awhile to get to Cluj, and I was very tired by the time I got home. I even got a head ache I was so tired! But as we pulled into the parking lot, my sister came down to meet me. I was shocked when I saw her! The last time I saw her she was a 16 years old girl, and now she was a 20-year-old young woman!!! She was so tall, and just womanlike. She was stunning as well. I hugged her tight and made sure that no one will steal that moment from me, not even my sister.

I unwinded talking to my sister about the things we’ve missed. It was a good night. I enjoyed being home 🙂 Jesus is faithful!

I took a quick snapshot of my mom right after we hugged. This is precious!!!

Amazing chicken noodle soup. Anyone???

This is the amazing food i had when we stopped. Delicious!!!

My beautiful sister 🙂

This is a pic of the landscape on my way home from Hungary (came from Budapest, Hungary to Cluj, my hometown). Romania is very green and beautiful.


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