Impacting the world in one generation

I posted at one time on my Facebook about how i know in my heart that i haven’t done all the things i could do to impact the world for Jesus, and one of my former DTS collegues sent me this e-mail. I was shocked to see how much we impact the world around us even when we can’t see. Here it is:

“Think for a second about all the people that see you, or your Facebook page, or you talk with in a given year. For the average person, it’s probably thousands of people. If you are living for Jesus, and talking about Him, and reading your Bible, then a small percentage of those people will see that. If ten people see it every day, that’s 3,650 people every year. Most won’t care and wont be affected by it, maybe even 99.97%. That still leaves that .03% that see it and are changed by it. That’s a total of 1 person every year that you affect for Jesus. That one person will go on the next year and another ten people per day, 3,650 per year will see them living for Jesus.

Year 1: you affect 1 person: total 1
Year 2: you affect one more (1), and the first one (+1) affects one more (+1) for a total of 3 affected people.
Year 3: you affect one more (1), and those three (+3) affect one more each (+3) for a total of 7 affected people.
Year 4: you affect one more (1), and those twenty seven (+7) affect one more each (+7) for a total of 15 affected people.

The underlying equation that will predict the totals as the years go by is (2^x)-1, ie. year two is two squared minus one, year three is two cubed minus one, and so on.
Let’s say you live a life for Jesus for 50 years. When I put (2^50)-1 in my calculator it tells me that in 50 years, a total of 1,125,899,907,000,000 will be affected for Jesus in that time.
There are only 6,000,000,000 people on this planet. All this from one changed person per year.

Do you see the value of a life lived for Jesus? Don’t be bummed if in 50 years you only convert 50 people to Christianity. God is at work, and someday He’ll share with you the big picture.”


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