About this blog

So….here i am, a romanian songbird. Singing songs about the beautiful Trinity, dreaming about the Godhead, but sharing it with the rest of the world. I am taking thoughts, situations i hear about, pretty much anything interesting that i hear or see and unpack it all here. Or just copy and paste 🙂 And I hope that whatever i say or do will encourage some of you. Just feel free to surf right through, maybe catch some waves of encouragement.


Information presented on this site in connection to/about the Word of God is in no way inerrant or to be considered fully and exclusively inspired by the Spirit of God. They are meant solely for the encouragement of the Body, so they should not be taken as that. Only the Word of God is the ultimate authority by which every action, thought or word must be weighed.

Endorsements of ministries and their ministers presented on this site I’ve provided for your encouragement. This doesn’t indicate the fact that I agree 100% with the doctrines presented by them, nor do i approve or disapprove the way they choose to live their lives. I am not God, therefore i don’t have the personal knowledge to do so. They are accountable to God and God alone as well as I am. I have been blessed by them and hope you will be blessed as well. On the other hand, I will remove any and every information  posted or linked on this site of/about/from ministries or ministers thereof if indeed I encounter major doctrinal fallacies taught by them.

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